Mia Dreese’s repertoire contains music from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Beside well known pieces from the flute repertoire she has searched for and mastered less known but surprising works for flute. These are solo pieces, pieces for flute with piano or harpsichord accompaniment, for flute with harp or guitar and other chamber music groups.
She always tries to find special connections between pieces in a concert programme.


Programme 1:

The Incredible Journey
Flutes From The 15th Century To The Present

15th century 
Jacob van Eyck

Basse dance - Falla con misuras
ceramic flute

Bravade from Der Fluyten Lusthof
Joseph B. de Boismortier
1691 - 1755
5e Suite pour une Flûte traversière seule
opus 35 b kl t. (1731)
Franz Anton Hoffmeister
1754 - 1812
Thema en variaties over ‘Der Vogelfänger bin ich, ja...’
from Die Zauberflöte by W.A. Mozart
9 -keyed flute
Johannes Donjon
1839 - 1912

from 8 Etudes de Salon: Elegie-Etude
conical ring-keyed Böhmflute

Claude Debussy
1862 - 1918
Pierre Octave Ferroud

Syrinx (1913)
slver Böhmflute 1928

Bergère captive (1921)
from Trois pièces pour flûte

André Jolivet
1905 - 1974
Astor Piazzolla
1921 - 1992

Incantation ‘Pour que l'image devienne symbole’ (1937)
alto flute

Étude tanguistique nr. 4 (1987)

David Porcelijn

Zen (1969)
gold-bonded Böhmflute 1984

Gordon Jacob
1895 - 1984

March to the river Weser

For ages people have played flutes that were made of hollow bone, reed or cane or pipes made of wood or stone.
Since the 18th century the flute was subject to major changes to meet the musical taste of the time. The shape of the pipe and holes changed and keys were added. The simple flute developed from a natural pipe to a sophisticated and scientifically designed wind instrument. Of all musical instruments the flute has probably changed and improved the most due to the technical and social changes of the 18th, 19th  and 20th centuries.

Musical taste and preferences in performance have also changed with time and place. Various tools of expression like timbre, dynamics, velocity, vibrato, embellishments, tonality and power of tone have changed to new ‘languages’ in different times and countries.

Each piece in the concert will be played on the authentic flute used at the time of composition. Flutes from all major stages of development will be presented, which makes it possible to distinguish the various flutes and their special sound that was typical for its time.
While talking and playing Mia Dreese takes her audience along on her travels through many centuries of flute music.


Programme flute and piano:

Mia Dreese flute and Marjes Benoist piano


J. Haydn (1732-1809)                    12 Pieces for the Musical Clock

W.A. Mozart (1756-1791)              Sonata B flat KV 378 orig. vn/pf

L. van Beethoven (1770-1827)      Serenade op. 41

J.W. Wilms (1772-1847)                Sonata op. 18 nr. 1 D gr

F.X. Mozart (1791-1844)                Rondo e minor

Fr. Schubert (1797-1828)              Sonata a-moll 'Arpeggione'

G. Donizetti (1797-1848)               Sonata

R. Schumann (1810–1856)            3 Romances op. 94

C. Reinecke (1824-1910)               Sonata Undine op. 167  

M. Moussorgsky (1839-1881)        Hebrew Song (altoflute)

Fr. Borne (1840-1920)                   Carmen-Fantasie

A. Dufau (?)                                    Andante et Mazurka

P. Dukas (1865-1935)                    La plainte, au loin, du Faune

P. Ben-Haim (1897-1984)              Three Songs without Words

Ph. Gaubert (1879-1941)               Fantaisie

J. Engel (1924-1991)                      Prelude and Dance

P. Schoenfield (1947)                    Achat Sha’alti (Psalm 27.4)  

Fr. Kuhlau (1786-1832)             Trio op. 119 (2 fl/pf)

Fr. Doppler (1821-1883)      Andante et Rondo op. 25 (2 fl/pf)



'Play as a modern Quantz'

'A Tribute to Frans Vester, Musician, Scholar, Author'




25 Sept. - 16 Oct 2007 Concerts, lecture Australië
5 January 2008 10.00-16.00 Workshop Syrinx Amsterdam
17 February 2008 11.30-13.00 Concert 8 flutes Roermond, Stedelijk Museum
17 February 2008 14.00-17.00

Workshop CPE Bach

solo a minor

31 May 2008 Haynes Holland Day Amsterdam

22 August 2008

Lecture 'Quantz Now' BFS Convention England, Manchester

24 August 2008

Concert with Chris Potter BFS Convention

7 September 2008

13.30 and 16.00

European Day of Jewish

Cultural Heritage

Eindhoven, Synagoge

Mia Dreese flute, Marjes Benoist piano

20 September 2008 20.00

Concert on 19th and 20th century

flutes and pianos

Eelde, Museum Vosbergen

Mia Dreese flutes, Marjes Benoist pianos

9 November 2008 14.30

Commemoration' Kristallnacht'

LJG Amsterdam.

Mia Dreese flute, Joppe Poolman van Beusekom piano

Moussorgsky, Hamburg, Stutschewsky, Schoenfield

3 January 2009


'Telemann in Noordwijk'

Masterclass Telemann Fantasies


15 March 2009

Limmoed Amsterdam

19 November 2009

Concert on 8 flutes Antwerpen-Deurne, Zilvermuseum Sterckshof

9-12 april 2010


Concert on 8 flutes

Panel ‘Original flutes exhibition’

Lecture ‘Quantz Today’

Madrid, Royal Conservatory

Asociación de Flautistas Españoles  

19-22 augustus 2010


Concert Amoeba for x flutes by David Porcelijn

o.l.v. Mia Dreese 22 augustus

England, Manchester. BFS Convention

27 September 2010

Concert on 8 flutes Musicschool Amstelveen

8 January 2011


Masterclass Classical Period. Mozart, Reicha, Gianella for 3 and 4 FLUTES. Noordwijk

3 April 2011


'What is Jewish Music?'

Mia Dreese flute and alto flute

Marjes Benoist piano

Museum De Buitenplaats Eelde

7 April 2011


'What is Jewish Music?'

Mia Dreese flute and alto flute

Marjes Benoist piano

LJG Amsterdam. Zuidelijke Wandelweg 41

1079 RK Amsterdam.

15 october 2011


Concert on 8 flutes

NEFLAC Turbo Academy Duiven

2012 concerts flute and piano  

5 January 2013


'From Bach to Berio' workshop for two or more flutes.

Incl. lunch and beach walk. From Bach to Berio (in Dutch)

Writsaert 124, 2202 PV Noordwijk.

Info and application

21 and 22 March 2013

Lecture and Masterclasses 'Quantz Today', Gent Conservatorium, Belgium

Hoogpoort 64, B-9000 Gent, Belgium


23 April 2013

Jewish music flute and piano. Private concert. Portugese synagogue Amsterdam

4 January 2014


Marcel Moyse in Noordwijk

Incl. lunch and beach walk.

Writsaert 124, 2202 PV Noordwijk.

Info and application:

22 November 2014


Kuhlau Day for profs and good amateur flutists

Amsterdam. Info:

15 August 2015


Masterclass on Mozart at NFA convention Washington USA